AFS Aluminum Facades Systems International S.A.S., welcomes you to our website!

We, the AFS, are specialist Dealers of Warema

Sun Protection Systems in Colombia.

Our Company stands for excellent and innovative Products in the following Fields:

New in the Program:    Solar Panel Facades

                       - Aluminum Facades

                       - Fire Protection Facades and Bulletproof Facades

                       - Aluminum Doors

                       - Aluminum Windows

                       - Aluminum Winter Gardens

                       - Aluminum Folding Systems and Sliding Units

                       - Solar Protection Systems (only in South, Central and North America, as well as Canada)

                       - Flat Glass Products

We, the AFS Aluminum Facades Systems International S.A.S.

with our Head Office in Bogota / Colombia, stands for inovative forward-looking

Aluminum Facades and Solar Protection Systems for the Building envelope.

Our expertise are our Employees, with partly 35 years of professional experience in the Façade Construction.

Nowadays merge architecture and technological and economic requirements

of the building envelope becoming an increasingly complex picture. The AFS stands

for the necessary know-how and is able to implement appropriate building structures

in fantastic quality. From the understanding of the materials used to create unique building envelope solutions made of glass, steel, aluminum.

The most spectacular buildings of our time are made of aluminum as a building envelope. Aluminum is as diverse as hardly any other material. Storm resistance, break strength, corrosion resistance - behind every AFS façade, excellent inovation and characteristics are found.

In addition to their robustness, the AFS facades are true all-rounder, leaving all conceivable design possibilities open. The versatile colors and shapes speak for themselves.

Our Company AFS is a competent Partner in the Area of Sun Protection Systems for

Architects - Construction Companies - Builders - Investors and private Customers.

The new Home - a very special Place. Their Place for cooking, working, playing with the kids or just relaxing.

For many years central living space for you and the whole family. Reason enough to equip your new home perfectly to your individual needs.

Let yourself be inspired and find your optimum sun protection with us, for your personal well-being home - for more living comfort, unique architectural accents, a sustainable reduction of your energy costs and reflection

on the essentials!

On you tuned sunscreen solutions conjure up different lighting scenes for your home, because each shade has

its own personality. Whether awning or solar sail, whether pleated, blind or roller blind  together with you,

we transform shadows to individual glow-lights.

Just raise your feet and do not have to worry about anything. With Smart Home, dreams come true.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, sun protection, lighting, air-conditioning and heating can be intelligently networked and automatically controlled - for a perfect room climate according to your preferences.

The operation is intuitive and child-friendly, which is not only pleased with technology enthusiasts.

Enjoy the full relaxation with our smart home solutions.

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