Articulated arm Awnings

Articulated arm awnings

Articulated arm awning 530/530 LB

The well-engineered articulated arm awning 530 is an incredibly easy way to create individual comfort zones. The articulated arm awning 530 LB is the ideal choice for providing shade on narrow balconies or terraces that require a long projection.

The arms of type 530 LB are vertically offset to facilitate projections of up to 350 cm

at an awning width of just 256 cm.

Articulated arm awning 700S

The new articulated arm awning type 700S can be invisibly installed in a shaft.

It enables the optimal utilisation of space and can completely disappear in the facade when not in use.

Enjoy lots of sun shading – even in small spaces.

Patio awnings

Want to enjoy more time outdoors without cutting corners on a perfect sun shading system? With the help of our innovative awning solutions, you can create an entirely new living space on your own patio: a place where the whole family can 'live out and feel in' while working, relaxing and playing.

You can also get more model types like:

Articulated arm awnings Type 630 or 650.

You can also get more model types like:

Articulated arm awnings Type 730 - 740 or 750.

Articulated arm awnings

Our articulated arm awnings offer an attractive look and sophisticated technology to create

a pleasantly shaded environment on balconies and patios.

The articulated arm awnings 530 and G60 are installed in locations where the fabric

is protected.

Type H60 is a half-closed articulated arm awning. Its fabric and equipment enjoy effective protection against rain and soiling from above.

The articulated arm awning 700S was developed specifically for installation in shafts.

The flexible design (with or without a cover panel) can be optimally integrated in the facade.

Articulated arm awning H60/H60 LB

The half-closed articulated arm awning H60 combines modern design with technical precision.

This unit is capable of shading larger areas than the previous model. An integrated rain hood

and optional fabric bearing shell protect the fabric from the elements.

A large selection of accessories and individual equipment options complete the package: for example, dimmable LED strips in the front rail provide pleasant patio lighting.

Articulated arm awning G60/G60 LB

The open articulated arm awning G60 delivers shading for larger areas while retaining a slender appearance. Operating the awning is quick and easy thanks to its proven technology.

Available as an added option, LED strips integrated in the front rail provide warm comfortable light in the evening. The WMS Dimmer (LED) allows users to individually adjust the brightness and can be controlled by a WMS Hand-held transmitter or smartphone.