Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds

Our pleated blinds from us are effective sun shading products

that provide soft light in just the right quantities.

They also offer visual privacy and create a pleasant indoor climate.

We offers a large variety of colours and designs to complement individual interior styles.

Many special forms ensure that the products can be used

with virtually all window and glass shapes.

Self-supporting units

These models, which are primarily intended for casement and hopper windows, can be operated in a variety of ways. The options range from simple cord operation to operation with a motor (24 volt).


These pleated blinds are truly versatile thanks to an additional tension cable mounted on the sides of the unit.

The blinds are suitable for installation on casement and hopper windows or balcony doors and are operated using a handle

or rod.

Inclined model - Sloped model

The sloped pleated blinds for vertical gable windows are operated using a cord. A cord winder allows the blind to be locked in any position. The pleated blinds can be fully operated at inclinations of up to 50°. For steeper inclinations, the triangular section is fixed in place.

Ceiling model

These guided pleated blinds are designed for use with sloped and inclined glass surfaces, patio roofs and sloped conservatory glazing.

Whether it's simple manual operation by handle or by crank, all models offer a high degree of user comfort.

Special shapes units

Trapezoidal, triangular and semi-circle shapes offer solutions for challenging applications and modern glass architecture.

Our popular special shapes are available with handle, rod or cord operation. Fixed frames can also be mounted in areas where operation is not possible.