Winter Gardens

Winter gardens

Aluminum winter garden, aluminum structures

The aluminum winter garden is now the most popular winter garden. This is undoubtedly due to the lightness of the material at a comparatively high strength. Larger loads can also be created with narrow profiles.

The surface of powder-coated, enamelled aluminum profiles has a virtually unlimited lifetime with minimal maintenance. Even in the rough saline climate of the coastal regions as well as in the UV-exposed hard mountain regions are good experiences. The profiles are available with high-quality thermal separation for residential winter gardens, with less heated or unheated winter gardens, thermal separation with lower requirements can be used. However, in order to limit the formation of condensation, it is also possible to dispense with thermal separation there, as well as with heat-insulating or insulating glazing.

Today almost every color is available through us. The profiles for heated aluminum winter gardens must always be thermally separated. This is achieved by plastic struts or insulation layers which prevent the inner and outer shell from having a direct connection, since in this case valuable energy would be passed

from the inside to the outside. Above all, this is achieved by the fact that the inner surfaces can heat up to higher temperatures and thus the formation of condensed water is greatly reduced.

The good heat conduction of aluminum leads to the inner shell reaching relatively high surface temperatures even into the corner regions, even if the direct heat supply through warm air circulation should be less.

We can provide the aluminum roofs with aluminum elements at the customer's request

(Windows, doors, sliding and folding systems).

In addition, we offer the following services:

- Customer consultation and planning for the winter garden or the terrace roof.

- Manufacturing

- Installation by our own assembly team or contract assembly company.