Sliding shutters

Sliding shutters

Sliding, wing and folding shutters

Sliding, wing and folding shutters are much more than just a sun shading system.

They are also a unique design element for facades. This means that no one solution is the same

as another.

WAREMA offers customised special solutions that are the perfect fit for every project.

Sliding shutters

Sliding shutters from AFS are custom-made frame elements, each of which is uniquely crafted to meet customer requests.

Depending on the model, the shutters can be moved vertically or horizontally on

the facade.

A host of different materials enables a wide range of design possibilities for this

wind-stable sun shading system.

Construction limit values

Each product is produced on an order-specific basis.

For this reason, the construction limit values are calculated individually for each project to account for the project's location and on-site requirements.


Numerous different insets are available for the sliding shutter frames.

Aluminium, wood, rib mesh and fabric are just some of the many possibilities,

proving that this sun shading system places no limits on design freedom.