Facades Awnings

Facade awnings

Facade awnings

AFS facade awnings can also be installed on sloped facades.

Flexibility and technical finesse make them a professional sun shading alternative

for modern building facades.

Facade awnings types 201 - 204

AFS facade awnings blend perfectly with almost any facade. The awning is ideal

for shading sloped and vertical facade areas. They can also be fitted over several floor levels of a facade.

The facade awning runs smoothly in its guide rails in both vertical and sloped window areas and requires an inclination angle of only 30° in sloped areas.

Facade awnings type 201 and markisolettes type 101 are an ideal combination.

These product are used both on private homes and commercial buildings.

The following models are available:

201 = vertical

202 = sloped

203 = sloped-vertical

204 = vertical-sloped

Facade awning type 207

The AFS stainless steel facade awning is a stylish, sleek model in the facade awning type series.

The narrow gap between the slender guide tube and the external edge of

the fabric is a special advantage of this markisolette. This design provides optimum shading even on transom and mullion facades.

Stainless steel is a preferred material among architects today.

To create a particularly exclusive look, AFS offers four different stainless steel fabrics that meet a variety of needs.

Facade awning type 209/ 209 EIFS

Facade awnings from AFS blend perfectly with almost any facade. This type of awning is especially suitable for providing shade on vertical facades.

Facade awnings type 209 and markisolettes type 109 are an ideal combination.

These products are used both on private homes and commercial buildings.

As an alternative, type 209 is also available for integration into an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS). The cover panel and guide rails can be set in plaster

to provide the ideal finishing touch on any facade.