Mullion and transom Façades

Mullion and Transom Façades

Mullion and Transom Façades

Diversity and flexibility

Mullion and Transom Façades from AFS are the flexible and proven all-rounder under the Facade Systems. The large Profile diversity and the extensive Equipment options offer you maximum Design possibilities, while at the same Time ensuring the highest process reliability from Planning to Completion.

With slim viewing Widths of 50 and 60 mm, this System Design achieves a particularly filigree view of the Façade. Additional functions for Safety and maximum thermal Insulation can be achieved without any optical losses with the least additional effort.

The Advantages at a glance:

Ideal for Flat, Vertical, Angled and Polygonal Curtain Facades.

Perfect for inclined and three-dimensional Glass Roofs, spatial Constructions and Winter gardens.

Individual Design with an extensive Range of Application Elements for a wide variety of opening Styles.

Great profile diversity for maximum Design possibilities.

Simple expansion with additional Functions such as burglary and penetration inhibition as well as Fire Protection with the same Appearance.

Our Facades can be designed as a pure Aluminum Construction or as an attachment System for Wood

or Steel Constructions.

The large Selection of Profile variants leads to a cost-saving adaptation to static Requirements.