Flat glass Products

Flat glass Products

No other building material has as many different protective functions as modern architectural glass. For example, it combines thermal insulation with the possibility of using solar energy for free. It can protect against exposure, fire or excessive exposure to the sun, while at the same time permitting viewing from the outside.

It can provide a distinctive face, or discreetly, in combination with attractive architectural designs.

Even in the construction sector, glass is increasingly used today. In short, architectural glass is the building material of the 21st century.

With all the advantages of this state-of-the-art material - it always requires an integration into the building.

Whether it is the classic window, an attractive façade construction or even an innovative structural glazing system, the overall design is always

to be considered in planning and realization.

The functional criteria for the window and façade components are construction planning tasks and must be defined within the scope of the project planning. For the window and facade constructor there are clearly defined tasks in which, as in the previous planning, numerous laws, regulations, norms and technical rules have to be observed.

Although energy-saving construction is still the greatest architectural challenge of our time, we will also have to focus more on sustainability

in building and renovating, and thus on the components used. This topic has also found its way into this topic.

The area of fire protection in windows and façades is also very important. In addition, there is information on building-integrated photovoltaics

or on glass bonding.

This point is completed by the use of daylight in windows and facades. Let's not forget: With all the constructive or energetic properties that we can now pack in modern glazing systems, the transparency, which creates contact with our environment, makes this material so unique.

We supply the following glass types for facades, windows and doors:

* Single glass

* Thermal insulation glass

* Sun protection glass

* Soundproof glass

* Fire protection glass

* Safety glass

* Self-cleaning glass

We also supply:

* Profile-building glass

* Special products

* Interior glass

* Floors and stairs

* Partitions and wall linings

* Railings and balustrades

* Doors and all-glass systems