Window awnings with ZIP guidance

Window awnings type V-FM/F-FM

Here, the awning is guided by a zipper fused to the fabric and by a flexible PVC inlay

in the guide rail. This increases stability and prevents annoying light gaps from forming between

the awning fabric and the guide.

At a width of just 25 mm, the guide rail enables optimal integration of the sun shading system into the building facade.

For a smooth transition from the unit to the facade, the flush-mount deep guide rail

(on the size 13 cover panel) can be used.

When extended, window awnings with ZIP guidance can withstand maximum wind speeds of up to 24.4 m/s.

Coupled units are not possible for window awnings with ZIP guidance.

New standard motor ZM REA

All window awnings with ZIP guidance will now include the new ZM REA drive generation

as a standard motor.

Available types

- Type V-FM: Window awnings Type V-FM are ideal for direct mounting in casings or on facades.

- Type F-FM: F-FM window awnings can be attached to almost any façade. The fixing is carried out by means of guide rail brackets up to 300 mm in front of the façade.

- Plastering: The 13 panel can be plastered using the plasterboard profile.

The plaster support profile can be either 25 or 13 mm including the support plate.

A plaster of the guide rails is Up to 15 mm possible.

Window awnings with ZIP guidance

A sun shading solution should be efficient, but it should also blend into the modern architecture or create a visual highlight that complements the facade design.

The unique solution: window awnings from AFS with ZIP guidance

Window awnings with ZIP guidance