Light-control venetian blinds

Light-control venetian blinds

Light-control venetian blinds

Light deflector blinds from AFS are specially designed for the daylight transport blinds.

They effectively direct the light over the ceiling to the room depth. Thus, artificial light

can often be dispensed with.

Heat rays are shielded against it. Special, concave built-in slats with highly reflective surfaces prevent the room from heating up. In addition, the lamella distance is smaller than for external venetian blinds.

This effect is reinforced in conjunction with solar control glass, which often is used in larger objects.

Intelligent control ensures a consistent implementation of the advantages: A sunbed-dependent slat tracking ensures the optimal balance between daylight utilization and heat protection.

Light-guiding blinds are mounted in closed double facades or directly in the interior.

For additional rest, z. B. in conference rooms or libraries, provides a noise-insulated top rail. This reduces noise emissions by up to 10 dB.

Lamella colors especially for the light deflector blinds

Miro 3: Mirror-lamella made of several highly reflective and reflection-enhancing layers, achieves the best reflection values

Super white: Similar to RAL 9016 with higher reflection level

Millfinish: optics like brushed stainless steel

RAL 9016: Traffic White.

These colors are highly reflective.

The underside of the slats is matt lacquered in RAL 7030 in order to achieve a

Glare to avoid.