External venetian blinds 50 mm

External venetian blinds 50 mm

External venetian blinds

Always live life in the right light.

With AFS external venetian blinds.

AFS external venetian blinds create an optimal lighting atmosphere at any time of day and allow perfect daylight utilisation.

The individually adjustable slat angle ensures that rooms receive just the right amount of daylight while protecting against prying eyes. With our external venetian blinds, we are therefore able to provide flexible daylight utilisation for both maximum energy efficiency and a truly comfortable setting.

External venetian blinds with narrow slats

These external venetian blinds have a slat width of 50 mm, making them narrower than our other models.

They have a slimmer appearance and are especially suitable for buildings

with smaller window sizes - not least because of the lower slat stack height.

The cable guidance also helps to create a lighter overall appearance.

Small slats mean less weight, which is why these external venetian blinds can easily be operated manually, even with a cord.

Thermal barrier with crank operation

The new WAREMA pivot bearings cause a discontinuity in the drive rod of the crank in order to reduce heat transfer.

We can supply the following additional products:

- Asymmetrical external venetian blinds

- Dim-out external venetian blinds

- External venetian blind with flat slats

- External venetian blinds 50 mm

- External venetian blinds with beaded slats

- Front-mounted external venetian blinds

- Light guidance venetian blinds

- Metal system venetian blinds

- New construction-on-site venetian blinds

- Self-supporting external venetian blinds

- Top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings

- Venetian blind window systems

- Wind-stable external venetian blinds