Drop-arm awnings

Drop-arm awnings

Drop-arm awnings

In our drop-arm awnings, the awning fabric is projected forward away from the window instead of resting vertically against the wall.

This permits an outside view even when they are lowered.

Their aesthetic design can relieve the starkness of some architectural forms. AFS drop-arm awnings

add a light Mediterranean flair to single-family homes.

Drop-arm awnings type 310

The drop-arm awning type 310 is a very economical, open awning that incorporates sophisticated and durable technology.

A sturdy drop-arm mechanism with internal mechanical springs ensures optimum fabric tension.

This awning is available with crank operation and comes with a removable valance.

The awning frame is always powder-coated in RAL 9016 traffic white.

Drop-arm awnings type 314

The equipment for the drop-arm awning 314 is the same as for the drop-arm awning type 310.

The special feature of this awning is that it is installed by simply clamping support pieces between the balcony roof and the balcony floor.

Drop-arm awnings type 330

The drop-arm awning type 330 is an open awning that is ideal for use in locations where the fabric does not need to be protected against rain.

Exclusive, highly durable drop-arm technology and first-class frame components ensure that

the product will continue to function properly over a long service life.

Thanks to its small installed size, this drop-arm awning is perfect for fitting into small spaces

such as for soffit mounting or when mounting in existing lintel boxes.

Drop-arm awnings type 340

The drop-arm awning type 340 with its attractively designed half-round cover panel with a water drip, made either from powder-coated aluminium or acrylic glass, provides reliable protection

for the awning fabric.

The gas pressure springs in the drop arms ensure excellent fabric tension in every arm position.

The drop profile is either visible or enclosed in the fabric, as desired; it can also be fitted

with a valance.

Drop-arm awnings type 350

When retracted, the fabric of this closed drop-arm awning is protected against dirt and weathering by a cassette.

An innovative arm mechanism ensures ideal fabric tension, and the awning's elegant shape makes it an eye-catcher on any facade.

With a selection of over 300 Acrylic, Soltis and Screen fabrics and various different options

for combining frame colours and closures, there is a solution for every design need.

       Drop-arm awning type 350