Insect screens

Insect screens

Fixed frame

The solid construction and simple installation of the frames

make these insect screens suitable for universal use.

Additional benefits of our fixed frames:

Custom fitting



Suitable for retrofitting

Windows and roller shutters are still fully functional after installation of fixed frames

Insect screens - Fixed frame for hooking

The insect screen fixed frame of the hang-in type, with sliding

or fixed corner plates, can be attached to flush-mounted

or recess-mounted widows without involved installation measures.

In addition, models with a bottom sealing brush are suitable

for closure against slanted window sills.

The benefits for you

High stability thanks to fixed mounting

Suitable for retrofitting

Gauze can positioned on inside

Insect screens

Whether on windows, balcony doors or patio doors, the insect screen solutions from WAREMA make any room an insect-free zone. Efficient, elegant

and environmentally friendly.

Our insect screens are custom made and can also fit in skylights of any size.

Swinging door

The swinging door – easy to operate even when none of your hands are free! Thanks to its practical handle rail, opening this door is an effortless process. And once it has been opened, the swinging door automatically swings back

to its starting position and reliably covers the door opening.

The benefits for you

Closes reliably and tightly

Flexible operation from inside and outside

Door's swinging motion provides an automatic closing mechanism

Swivel frame

The insect screen swivel frame is well-suited for frequently used openings, such as balcony and patio doors.

This model is also the ideal choice for windows that are frequently opened.

It can be comfortably opened in both the inside and outside direction and closes reliably and tightly thanks to the magnetic catch and the closing aid integrated in the hinge.

For cats or smaller dogs, a pet door can be installed and the direction of entry

can be set as required.

The insect screen swivel frame is available as a one-wing or two-wing model. Equipped with a special seal, it is also suitable for use with sloped door or window sills.

The models with a mounting frame on three or all four of their sides are especially easy to install.

The gauze is protected in the lower area by a step profile. A cross rail

with an integrated handle rail provides additional stability.

Sash frame

Large areas are ideally protected by insect screens on a sliding frame.

The sliding frame is easy to operate and available with one or two wings.

Sliding frames are suitable for conservatories and patios. They are also practical on narrow balconies, since the frame saves space by opening and closing

along the wall.

The sliding frame is guided along wall, floor or U profiles – or on a surrounding mounting frame.

The unit is installed directly on the wall or in a niche.

Insect screen roller blind

This insect screen solution is operated just like a "normal" roller blind. When you need the window to be open, a slight downward pull is enough to retract the roller blind upwards. After that it can be closed again easily.

If you have no need at all for the insect screen (e.g. during the winter), it can be invisibly stowed away in the cassette. There it is protected against wind and dust. Because it is permanently installed, the screen is available at all times.

Roller blind insect screens are suitable for vertical windows and doors as well as for sloped areas such as skylights. The screen is opened and closed using a handle rail - from either the inside or outside.

The insect screen gauze is securely guided in the guide rail by two brushes.

The benefits for you

Available at any time thanks to fixed installation

Flexible operation from inside and outside

Lateral gauze fixing provides wind stability