Black-out blinds

Black-out blinds

Black-out blinds

Our black-out systems from AFS can be used to completely darken areas such as laboratories, X-ray rooms, operating theatres, schools, auditoriums and meeting rooms.

Vertical black-out systems

Vertical black-out systems can black out rooms completely.

The units can be configured as left or right rolling blinds, and the black-out blind itself is available in a textile, Soltis or glass fibre material.

The sloped inspection cover gives the box a smaller appearance.

If desired, a rear ventilation profile can be installed behind the guide rails or on the box.

This ventilation profile is made of extruded aluminium (28 x 9.5 mm) and powder-coated in RAL 9005 matt black.

Horizontal black-out blind

This product is used to completely block out light on horizontal surfaces, e.g. in skylight domes.

The horizontal black-out blind is motor-driven with a toothed-belt drive that is incorporated

in the box.

Black-out blinds with ZIP guidance

Black-out blinds with ZIP guidance from AFS are particularly well-suited for dimming-out rooms with slender transom and mullion facades.

Narrow guide rails and the absence of stiffener rods lend the blinds an appealing appearance.

Detailed graphic

    VDA-ZIP dim-out with zipper system and without stiffener rods

1. Box

    Rectangular, made of extruded aluminium.

2- Inspection cover

    Made of extruded aluminium.

3. Black-out blind

    Resistant polyester fabric (Soltis fabric B92), with PVC coating outside and inside, without stiffener rods.

    Colours as per WAREMA colour chart for black-out blinds

    Curtain is flame resistant as per DIN 4102-1 B1

4. Guide rails

    Two-piece, made of extruded aluminium, with narrow face width (25–56 mm).

5. ZIP guidance

6. Zipper on black-out blind is guided by plastic core in guide rail.

7. End rail

    Includes sealing strip, closes flush with box.

    Sealing strip made of plastic.