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   AFS Aluminio Fachadas Sistemas Internacionales S.A.S.


Sistemas de Proteccion Solar


Our Company, the AFS Aluminum Facades Systems International S.A.S. Corporation

with its Head Office in Bogota / Colombia, stands for inovative forward-looking

Aluminum Facades - Windows - Doors and Sun protection Systems for the Building envelope.

Our Expertise are our Employees, with partly 30 years of professional Experience in the Façade Construction.

For the European Market, we work with a Representative Office in Switzerland.

Our Sales Markets for Facades - Windows - Doors and Flat Glass Products are:

- South America

- Central America

- North America

- Canada

- Europe and Switzerland

We supply our Sun protection Systems exclusively according to:

- South America

- Central America

- North America

- Canada

Our Company, AFS stands for Partnership with our Architects, Investors, Construction Companies and private Customers.

From the Idea of the Architect to the Realization of this Idea at the Project, we are at your disposal with our technical and professional know-how.

We realize your Idea with our Engineers in an inovative Building envelope.

We also take for Investors and Clients, their Representation on the Projects, in the Field of Building envelopes.

Facades Consulting is just as much a Part of our Performance Package that we can offer you.

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