Facades and Doors

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Nowadays merge Architecture and Technological and Economic Requirements of the Building envelope becoming an increasingly complex Picture. The AFS stands for the necessary know-how and is able to implement appropriate Building Structures in fantastic Quality. From the understanding of the Materials used to create unique Building envelope Solutions made of Glass, Steel, Aluminum.

The most spectacular Buildings of our Time are made of Aluminum as a Building envelope. Aluminum is as diverse as hardly any other Material. Storm resistance, Break strength, Corrosion resistance - behind every AFS Façade, excellent Inovation and Characteristics are found.

In Addition to their robustness, the AFS Facades are true all-rounder, leaving all conceivable Design possibilities open. The versatile Colors and Shapes speak for themselves.

Everything is possible!

Whether powder-coated or anodised, we supply all Aluminum Facades, Doors and Windows.

Color according to Customer requirements.