Daylight guiding venetian blinds

Daylight guiding venetian blinds

Daylight systems

Use the daylight to your advantage: daylight systems from AFS create glare-free areas - while still permitting light to enter from the outside. The use of artificial lighting instead of natural daylight consumes energy

and costs money.

At the same time, the system protects you against prying eyes.

Avoid damage to the eyes at computer workstations. Often the contrast between the monitor brightness

and the ambient brightness is too low, or daylight reflects off the computer screen.

Daylight guiding venetian blinds

WAREMA daylight guiding venetian blinds are specially designed for transporting daylight. They effectively guide light across the room ceiling and far into the room interior.

In many cases, this can eliminate the need for artificial lighting.

At the same time, they protect the room against heat radiation. Special concave slats with highly reflective surfaces keep the room from heating up. In addition, the slat distance is smaller than in external venetian blinds.

This effect is enhanced in combination with sun protection glazing, which is often used in larger buildings.

Anintelligent control delivers consistent benefits: slat tracking based on the sun's position ensures the ideal balance between daylight utilisation and heat protection.

Daylight guiding venetian blinds are installed in closed double skin facades or directly in the room interior interior.

For more quiet conditions, such as in conference rooms or libraries, a noise-reduced top rail can be used.

This reduces noise emissions by up to 10 dB.

Vertical louvre blinds with daylight utilisation

WAREMA vertical louvre blinds create a pleasant climate in every room and provide a comfortable, stylish atmosphere. They also provide effective privacy protection and are a good means of setting fresh accents in interior design – for example as partitions.

Vertical louvre blinds with daylight utilisation combine the elegance of a vertical louvre blind with superior anti-glare comfort by dividing the slats into two sections. The top section is transparent and allows light to enter the room.

The lower section is opaque and deflects the sun's rays. This provides glare protection for computer workstations while, at the same time, evenly illuminating the rooms to avoid the need for artificial lighting.

Since WAREMA vertical louvre blinds are custom-made, they will fit any window and room.

Apart from the standard models there are horizontally rounded units, vertically rounded units and sloped units.

Daylight-optimised venetian blinds

WAREMA venetian blinds control both the amount of sunlight entering the room and the room temperature.

Their slats can be set at any angle.

The light guidance provided by WAREMA daylight-optimised venetian blinds is as simple as it is effective.

Unobtrusive clamps are attached to the tilting tapes and determine at which point the blind is to remain closed and where it is to be opened.

The open slats reflect the light against the ceiling and brighten

the room, while the closed slats deflect the sun’s rays and shield computer workplaces against irritating reflections.

Daylight-optimised venetian blinds are available

with slat widths of 16, 25 and 35 mm.

They are made-to-measure and therefore will fit almost any window. The variety of available colours ensures that the venetian blind

will harmonise with any interior design.

Light guidance equipment

Daylight utilisation increases comfort and productivity in offices, conference and training rooms,

and living areas.

Too much daylight can cause undesirable glare. By using different slat positions within a blind,

this problem can be prevented.

The "daylight transport element" accessory directs daylight incident on the upper blind section to

the room ceiling to create a diffuse distribution of daylight.

The lower slats can remain closed to provide glare protection for the user.

The subdivision of the blind sections can be produced as required by the user.

Both sections are controlled via a motor in a mutually dependent fashion.

WAREMA double curtain


The WAREMA double blind is particularly comfortable and versatile. The blind features two independently controllable sections.

For example, the slats can remain closed at the top while the lower section is opened to permit

a view out. In this way, the blinds can be adjusted to create ideal lighting conditions for every working situation.

Daylight transport elements and double blinds can be used with both light guidance blinds

and external facade venetian blinds.