Security roller shutters

Security roller shutters

Burglar-resistant roller shutters - in DIN EN 1627 resistance class (RC) 2 - provide resistance against attempts by intruders to gain access to protected areas using force.

WAREMA security roller shutters satisfy resistance class (WK) 2, which is fully compatible with the more recent resistant resistance class (RC) 2.

These roller shutters are equipped with reinforced components and, when closed, provide effective resistance against burglars. They are suitable for installation

on both new and existing buildings.


Max. width    3000 mm

Max. height  2500 mm

Max. area       5.6 m²

Box size          16 cm

                       18 cm

Drives: Crank

            Motor with torque overload protection

Detailed graphic

1 .Box

    Folded box in 2 box sizes

    Box shapes: rectangular or round

    Closed on four sides with a maximum width of 3000 mm

    Side covers made of aluminium, welded to box

2. Inspection cover

    Folded, accessible from inside

3. Guide rails

    Security guide rails made of extruded aluminium, 75 x 52 mm

    Bead made of plastic

4. End rail

    Reinforced with additional steel inserts for increased security

5. Roller shutter curtain

    Roller shutter curtain S37 made of extruded aluminium, locked, powder-coated in colours             acc. to colour chart for WAREMA shutter profiles, optionally acc. to WAREMA Colour World

6. Shaft

    Octagonal steel shaft